cape code house

Three Classic American Home Styles

If you’re about to embark upon a home renovation but haven’t decided upon an overall look or style, here are a few ideas for the front of the house to inspire you and help get you motivated!  

Cape Cod

One of the characteristic features of a Cape Cod style house, traditionally a beach-style home found along the Massachusetts coastline, is shingled siding — often in a shade of gray. The windows are usually adorned with white shutters on either side. Rather than siding made of wood, which requires quite extensive maintenance and upkeep, consider siding made of a more hardy material. Comfort Windows’ vinyl siding is both durable and easy to maintain. It’s naturally water resistant and long-lasting, as well as energy-efficient in both summer and winter.  

Farm House

Farm houses carry quite a bit of lore and old-fashioned charm. Part of the traditional ‘look’ of a farmhouse consists of what is usually a white or cream-colored exterior with bold, simple contrasting shutters and doors. One element that is often associated with farmhouses is a screen or storm door to help protect your main exterior door from harsh weather, as well as keeping bugs and other small pests out of the house while offering the option of natural ventilation in the morning and evening. In addition, storm doors have the option of heat-reducing glass to maximize energy efficiency in the peak of summer, as well as keeping heat inside during the winter. You may also opt to install a pet door to accommodate your pets if installing a new screen door that opens to the backyard.  


One of the most common elements people associate with a cottage is a garden. If you’re hoping to evoke a flowery feel, one of the easiest ways to do so is by installing a large bay window that looks out to the garden. Two popular window designs with the similar purpose of looking out to a garden or yard are bow windows and bay windows. Both are made up of a series of encased panes to form a large composite window that extends out from the side of the house. They both usually have room for an interior window seat. Bow windows are usually a little bit bigger, however; as opposed to three panes, they often come in a series of five or more panes, creating a more expansive, panoramic view. Either style comes with the option of being made with double or triple-pane glass, as well as energy-efficient coatings to help maintain internal temperature, in winter or summer.


* * * Regardless of your architectural style preferences, there are a number of improvements you could make to key areas besides the entryway of the house, such as or the kitchen. If you’re at a loss for where to start, a few new coats of paint and new furniture centerpieces in these high-traffic areas will make a huge difference. When you are ready to make more major renovations, be sure to contact a professional for an estimate before you attempt to take on more structural renovations yourself. Although DIY home improvement has become fashionable as of late, you want to be sure to avoid incurring extra costs as a result of botched construction or electrical work. Comfort Windows is also connected to a number of professionals who specialize in many different remodeling specializations other than windows. Contact us if you’re interested in learning more information about your contracting options.