At first glance, the difference between a bay and bow window can be hard to tell. For those who aren't very familiar with different types of windows, bay and bow windows make look exactly alike. If you're looking for a beautiful new replacement window for your home, it's important to understand the difference between a bay and bow window. 

Projection Windows

Both bay and bow windows are projection windows. This means that they project outwards from the inside of the home, creating a gorgeous "view from the street". Their main difference is the way in which they project from the side of the home, and the number of window panels they can have.

Difference between a bay and bow window Bay Windows and Bow Windows

Bay Windows

Bay windows project at sharp angles, and are made up of three window panels. Take a look at the example below:

difference between a bay and bow window Bay Window

They can project at 45 degree angles, like the one above, or at 90 degree angles to form a Box Bay Window.

Large bay windows can become the centerpiece of a room with a properly designed window seat on the inside. Smaller bay windows can be used in bathrooms or in the kitchen as Garden Windows with side vents. Garden windows hold herbs and plants beautifully!

All Bay Windows from Comfort Windows come with a variety of glass options, roof options and color options - and are custom designed to fit any home.

Bow Windows

Unlike bay windows, bow windows project from the side of the home in a curved shape. This means that bow windows can come in 3, 4, 5, or 6 window sections, called "lites". So if you wanted a bow window with 5 windows, it's called a 5-Lite Bow Window. Check out the example below:

Difference between a bay and bow window 5-Lite Bow Window with Grids

Comfort Windows has a variety of options for the bow windows as well, and all bow windows are custom designed to fit your home.

Recap: Difference between a bay and bow window?

  1. Number of "lites" or window sections possible
  2. Angle or curve in which the window projects from the house
Otherwise, bay windows and bow windows are very similar, and should be looked at carefully when considering which to install in your home. Both provide an unbeatable view from the inside and outside! And when installed by Comfort Windows, you get custom-manufactured windows, the best lifetime warranty, and Comfort-employed installers to do the work (no subcontractors!).

For more information on bay windows and bow windows, check out Comfort's bay and bow window information page, the window style options, or our window photo gallery.

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