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Does Comfort replace windows in the winter?

WE SURE DO! Comfort works year-round regardless of the weather. Rain, snow, sleet? No problem. Thunder and lightning? We don’t mess with thunder and lightning. And neither should you. We’ll wait for that to pass… So, should you let Comfort install windows in the winter? Absolutely. Our installation process is fast and efficient. It minimizes […]

9 Tips to Save Energy and Money this Winter

Here are some tips to help you save energy this winter.

1) On sunny days open up your blinds/shades to let the sun shine through your windows to help warm the rooms up; you can also spread a dark blanket out where the sun hits for extra warmth.

Top 5 Benefits of a Sunroom!

Some people call them Florida rooms, solariums, garden rooms, sun porches…but at Comfort Windows we refer to them as sunrooms. The benefits of a sunroom are plentiful…but here are our top 5 benefits of having a sunroom in YOUR home!

It’s Christmas Time at Comfort!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Comfort! Comfort is in full holiday season swing and working hard to bring you the best deals in home improvement during these winter months. During this time of the year, we like to do our part in giving back to the community that we live in. This year, […]