5 Essential Tips To Get Your Home Summer Ready

Finally. The nice weather is here. Here are some timely tips to get your home ready for summer... inside and out!


1) Check Your Deck 

Hammer in any nails that might be protruding. Nothing hurts more than a stubbed toe or getting a flip-flop caught on a nail poking out. If you have a wood deck, sprinkle some water on it, if the water beads you’re good to go…if it soaks in, it’s time to reseal it. With a composite deck give it a nice pressure wash to bring out the best in your deck.

2) Check Your Roof

After a harsh winter, your roof took a beating. Between temperature swings and roof raking, it’s best to check to see if you have any loose shingles. With summer storms popping up from time to time…now is the time to have your roof checked to make sure you won’t have leaks when the storms do come.

3) Easy Clean Your Showerheads

It may be on the inside of your home... but summer is a perfect time to clean that showerhead. Wrap a rubber band around the showerhead, fill a plastic Ziplock bag with white vinegar, and attach the bag to the showerhead with the rubber band. Give it a couple hours and let the vinegar do all the work!

4) Change Out or Clean Your Filters

Most filter manufacturers recommend to change out your furnace filter every 3 months. It’s also a good idea to clean your dehumidifier filter while you’re at it. It helps keep both running their best!

5) Examine Your Clothes Dryer Vent

This is a big one. This should be done at least once a year. A clean vent will make your dryer run more efficiently and dry your clothes faster, and keep your home and family safe. Highly flammable lint can accumulate and become a huge fire hazard.