Do you live in a small, but comfy pad? Do you sometimes feel cramped and are longing for a bit more space? Or do you have a spacious home, but a few small rooms that need a little sprucing up? Luckily, there are some easy and clever ways to make any space feel a bit more spacious. Here are some options to reinvent your room without completely tearing it down and starting from scratch.

Reduce Clutter and Utilize Creative Storage

Reducing clutter is an easy way to eliminate a bit of that “stuffy” feeling that small rooms have. Picking up loose letters, notes, pens, and the like is a good place to start. By ensuring that everything has a proper place, managing the clutter will be considerably easier. There’s also a general rule, known as the “cantaloupe rule,” for choosing home decor. Any items that are smaller than a cantaloupe should be removed from the room. There’s no need to display all the little nicknacks you’ve collected over the years. Instead, opt for a couple carefully selected pieces that are larger than a cantaloupe. It will help make a statement and reduce most of the cluttered look that nicknacks can create. There are also a variety of solutions specific to the bathroom. The key to visually enlarging a small room is to clear counter space (in the kitchen too!) and utilize hidden spaces, like cupboards to the best of your ability. Ultimately though, light is your number one resource for creating a larger visual space, and a bathroom without any windows is going to limit your ability to create an optical illusion for increased square footage. If your bathroom feels a bit more like a cell than a sanctuary it might be time to bite the bullet and look into remodel options.

Let in the Light and Use Light Colors

Light-based solutions aren’t just appropriate for the bathroom, in fact, the solution for all small rooms is simply let in the light! Either increase the amount of natural light in the room by adding windows, or paint the walls with light colors. Adding in light colored flooring can help, too. Although darker colors in a room can add warmth and coziness, they also absorb light. This can make small spaces feel especially cramped. By utilizing light colors, and accenting with darker shades, you can give the illusion of spaciousness. In addition, don’t cover your windows with hefty blinds or drapes. Honeycomb shades, lace, and light colored drapery can create a sense of privacy while still letting in ample natural light. If you don’t want to cover your windows at all, then the windows will add an extra sense of depth to the room. Either way, natural light is an easy way to create an illusion of space where it is lacking.

Think Vertically and Lift Up Furniture

Since small spaces often lack horizontal space, one of the best ways to create an illusion of a bigger area is through height. Adding in vertical shelving or tall artwork on a single wall can help draw the eye up; towards the ceiling. It’s important to make sure you don’t get carried away, but just adding in one or two tall pieces can help shift the perspective. Also, decorating the room with leggy furniture can create a sense of airiness. Instead of purchasing sofas that have boxy skirts that hit the floor, opt for sofas that have exposed legs and space underneath them. This helps give the illusion of space under and around your large furniture. Glass table tops with long legs can also trick the eye into seeing more room. Although your room might be tiny, there’s no reason you can’t play around with the design and make it feel larger than it is. Let in the light, keep it clear, and enjoy the illusion of spaciousness you’ve created!