It's always nice to have a place for everything, but being able to know exactly where something is the moment you need it? That's priceless! Don't waste any more time digging through cabinet bins or running through the house looking for a clean towel. These 5 bathroom organizational hacks have come to the rescue!

1. Door Towel Racks

If you're short on space or if towels don't fit the aesthetics of your wall decor, then a door may be the best place for racks and bars. Security and ease-of-access can be pulled off by affixing a polished towel bar onto the back of the bathroom door. If holes are a concern, though, then have no fear. A hanging towel bar makes an excellent alternative. They're easily hung over the top of a door so that towels are within reach -- and without a single screw.


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2. Tin Towel Organizers

Storing towels in the hallway can get old fast, especially when there are visiting house guests. Instead of running back and forth, get crafty with those old coffee cans and tin containers. A drill gun and a little creativity will ensure towels are always on hand, and without comprising your bathroom's looks.


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3. Stick-on Storage Containers

Men may be able to get by with nothing more than a drawer for soap and shaving cream, but ladies are almost always up for a little extra storage and organization. Stick-on containers will keep you from fumbling through bins for all those small items, so that means more time, less stress, and more space. Who wouldn't enjoy that?


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4. Magnetic Strips

Tired of finding bobby pins everywhere except for when you actually need them? Then make magnets a part of the bathroom system! Stylish hair can be pulled off without metal clutter by incorporating a magnetic strip into your medicine cabinet or on a cabinet door or drawer. Then bobby pins can stay out of your hair -- figuratively speaking of course.


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5. PVC Pipes & Caddies

Hair dryers, curling irons, and straighteners can be a bathroom cabinet disaster. Get those bulky tools and tangled cords out of the way by creating a home for them with PVC pipes. They're simple to install and can be bought inexpensively or even sourced for free online. If you want something more roomy or aesthetic, opt for a metal caddy that will offer visual appeal while keeping everyday items tidy and accessible.


Image Source: homeshackthelife

DIY projects are always a blast, but they're even better when it means creating a beautiful and accessible bathroom AND making everything easier to find. Happy organizing everyone!