A Sunroom Offers an Array of Benefits

Some people call them Florida rooms, solariums, garden rooms, sun porches but at Comfort Windows, we refer to them as sunrooms. The benefits of a sunroom are plentiful but here are our top 5 benefits of having a sunroom in YOUR home!

Extra Living Space

Feeling like you don't have a getaway from your home to relax? Lacking the living space you need to just hang out? A sunroom acts as a new space and extension of your home and can used for a variety of activities, including hobbies such as, reading/writing, bird-watching, or just entertaining with friends and family. Adding square footage to your house has never been easier. A brick and mortar addition can cost thousands more than adding an elegant sunroom. Not only will the sunroom add more value to your home, you can soak up the sun from the COMFORT of your own home.

Kids Play Room

Do you have children or grandchildren that need somewhere to play and let out energy? A sunroom is a perfect place to keep toys/games without them cluttering other parts of your home. A sunroom provides children with the enjoyment of getting some natural sunlight, all while remaining safely in the home. Plus, with ThermoCore foam wall systems, you get the best in energy efficiency to help get your space warm even during those colder winter months!

Efficiency and Natural Light

Paying utilities is fun for no one and is unavoidable, luckily with a sunroom, there are ways around saving on those pesky bills. With a sunroom, your entire room is exposed to the warmth and light from natural sunlight throughout the entire day. Even on those gloomy, rainy days, sunrooms are bright enough to see efficiently. Let's not forget about the wintertime, can I use it during those pesky cold, NY months? With huge steps in both design and material, you can enjoy a sunroom year-round. Our thermally-enhanced roof and three-inch ThermoCore foam wall system will get you MAXIMUM energy savings even in the coldest months!


Have a dream? With so many options to choose from nowadays if you can dream it we can build it. From a screen room to aluminum to vinyl to a glass solarium, we can make your dream a reality. We offer a variety of options that can cater to anyone's needs. including, screened-in porches/porch enclosures and spa or pool enclosures. Choose from a variety of customizable glass, windows, doors, skylights, and roof styles. The possibilities of what you want and how you want your sunroom to function are endless!

The View

Have a nice view from the backyard but can’t see ALL of it? Our sunrooms are built with the view-enhancing Max-Glass window system — why have a wall when you can have a window? Think of light as an element of architecture. It will expand even the smallest of rooms. Not to mention another great way to get vitamin D during those winter months has never been more comfortable!

Extend the Season

It truly is bringing the outdoors in. Imagine having comfortable furniture that won’t be weather-worn, drinking your morning coffee by the sunrise, staying away from mosquitos and pollen — you can enjoy all the benefits of being outside. Especially in our area, extending the nicest parts of each season is pretty much priceless!

Bring the Benefits and Comfort of a Sunroom to Your Home

Benefits to adding a sunroom to your living space are almost endless and serve various purposes, whether you are looking to add some additional living space for a playroom for your kids or need a place to increase your health and happiness for activities like yoga, a sunroom can fulfill these needs. Most people have a sunroom to enhance their home, their life, and their living space. Be sure to get your no-obligation consultation with a representative from Comfort Windows. Explore your options and build your dream. Get started and get a free estimate request today.