Going "green" is all the rage, but what does this mean when it comes to weatherizing the home? Weatherization methods using air sealing and extra insulation will improve heating and cooling efficiency. Improved efficiency obviously translates to dollars and cents and saving money is always a good thing, but while minimizing utility costs is a big positive, weatherization improvements actually offer homeowners even more advantages.

Reduced Wear On Appliances

Heating and cooling systems have to work overtime when air escapes a house through windows, walls, roofs, and basements. Any system that is forced to work harder and longer will wear out faster. Homeowners will also be more likely to encounter breakdowns and higher maintenance costs for systems that work more often. A weatherized home will experience heating and cooling systems that work less often and at reduced levels. img1

Cut-Backs On Environmental Impact

Emissions enter the environment from heating and cooling a house. Weatherization reduces this environmental pollution because systems work less. Making these improvements results in a reduced annual energy consumption of an average of 31.2 MBtu for every house.

Increased Home Value

Many buyers are interested in green homes that will not impact the environment negatively. After performing this type of work, people generally experience an increase in home value. Houses also tend to sell faster when they have these key features.


Enhanced Personal Comfort

Drafts during the winter and heat in the summer can lead to uncomfortable conditions for family members. After weatherizing a house, everyone can feel more comfortable.

Improved Health

Air quality generally improves after performing these home maintenance tasks. By eliminating exterior contaminants, the interior air quality improves. Often, people experience improvement with asthma, allergies, and other health issues.

Supports The Local Economy

Hiring contractors to perform this work also stimulates the local economy. In contrast, most of the money you would spend on heating your home leaves the local economy in the end. Take on the tasks of making your house more energy efficient and comfortable. After you finish the work, you will be glad you did.