One of the most popular home improvement projects is redoing your master bathroom, which can be a wise investment. Not only can it add functionality and flair to your favorite private area, it can also add value. According to real estate experts, remodeling is often the most efficient means of increasing a home's resale price. With that said, it's relatively easy to overspend. Here are five simple tips to help you stay on budget.


1. Use Tile SparinglyFancy Looking Bathroom - Comfort Windows

As attractive as it may be, adding tile to bathroom walls can be expensive. Many homeowners do not understand how labor-intensive the tile installation process can be. This is particularly true when they opt for tile mosaic patterns that take many hours to install. It is far more affordable and often every bit as eye-catching to use unique paint patterns on the bathroom walls.


2. Select An Affordable Finish

Bathroom faucets and knobs are available in a wide range of styles and metallic finishes. Bronze and brass are popular choices that also happen to be quite pricey. Choosing chrome or brushed nickel can help you save on costs and add a more modern look to your updated space.

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3. Work With What You Have

Changing the location of the plumbing to accommodate new fixtures might seem like a good idea, but it will cost you. Homeowners can save a sizable sum by simply making direct replacements of certain fixtures. For example, you might replace a shower stall with a tub and use the same connections.


Cream Colored Bathroom - Comfort Windows4. Communicate With The Contractor

The only effective way to manage expenses is to be detail-oriented & precise during the quoting process and discussion. This means lots of communication with the contractor on exactly what you want and expect. This is the best way to make sure both sides achieve a great result.


5. Stick To The Plan

The number one reason bathroom remodels go over budget is that homeowners make changes to the project after it has begun. These revisions consistently add time, labor, and material costs to the ongoing project. They also make it nearly impossible to control costs. Follow our advice to keep your bathroom remodeling costs under control and within your fixed budget.

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