Couple searching for Remodelers and Contractors - Comfort WindowsMistakes are easy to make when you need to hire a contractor for repair or remodeling work. This can be a foreign area, so it's important to be educated about the elements of the process. Get informed so you can avoid the common pitfalls within contracted work.


Get Everything in Writing

Before proceeding with a hiring decision, request every part of the agreement in writing to enable you to review all aspects of the project and agreement. This will help you understand every term and provision. If you find any areas of concern, resolve them prior to moving forward with a contract.


Compare Details Between Bidders

As you collect bids from various contractors, one proposal will come in as the lowest. While it can be tempting to select this company to trim your costs, this could be a mistake. Instead of reviewing the price of the project only, consider other details as well. The cheapest contractor might not have the same experience or credentials that other companies have. This company might also use lower quality materials, which could result in a substandard final outcome.


Call References and Do Background Checks

After interviewing possible companies for hire, perform a comprehensive background and reference check for every contractor. Call references to find out if past customers are happy with the work performed. Check licensing information to ensure that professionals have the required licenses. Find out about any complaints in connection with a company. Failure to perform this investigation could result in a bad hiring decision.


Get A Satisfaction Guarantee

A comprehensive warranty or satisfaction guarantee protects you from the possibility of issues with workmanship or materials after a project completes. Hiring a company that does not offer a satisfaction guarantee could lead to problems. Performing due diligence prior to hiring a contractor should help you avoid expensive mistakes.