Double Hung Windows InteriorA window replacement project involves choosing the materials and style of the new products. You may have the option of either dual-pane or triple-pane windows. These two features have significant differences in energy efficiency, overall durability, and price. Learn advantages and disadvantages of both styles to determine which type fits your needs and budget.

Dual Pane Windows

Dual-pane windows consist of two panes of glass with space between the layers. This style will reduce heat loss by up to 50 percent. The space between layers of glass may be filled with inert gases, typically either krypton or argon, which add additional thermal efficiency. Of these two gases, argon is less expensive than krypton, which makes this the more popular choice among consumers and manufacturers alike.

Triple Pane Windows

Having three layers of glass involves a design with two spaces separating the layers. These windows will be heavier than dual-pane styles, but the finished product will still be easy to open and close. These windows tend to be more durable and longer lasting. Many people opt for triple panes because of the significant performance improvements with these windows—up to 30 percent more energy efficiency depending on the brand. Along with these performance improvements, you can anticipate a higher price tag if you choose to install the triple-pane variety.

Shop carefully as you prepare for window replacement, and keep your budget in mind: while triple-paned windows are typically more expensive, the increased efficiency and durability can make them worth the higher price.

Explore additional features such as the frame material and the type of glass used to determine which window replacement product you wish to install in your home.