As we start to get more snow, and you find yourself turning the heat up constantly in your home to stay warm, are you thinking about your energy bill? Last winter was loaded with frigid temperatures -- which was probably reflected in your heat bill. Have you considered the possibility that maybe you're throwing money away every year because your home isn't keeping heat inside like it should? If you don't have an insulated home, or your home isn't insulated properly, that's exactly what you're doing!

Let's break it down. Insulation in your home works like an all-purpose barrier between the outside weather, and the inside of the home. When there is a temperature difference between the inside of your home and the outside environment, naturally, the differing temperatures want to level each other out. However, the more powerful of temperatures will always win. In the case of your home, if your hot air escapes into the cold outside, the outside isn't going to warm up! Rather, the inside of your home will get cooler.

The same happens when you are trying to cool your home during the hot summer climate. If your home is improperly insulated, that nice cold air will escape outside, and let the outside heat inside. This makes your heating and cooling systems work extra hard to maintain the temperatures you like in your home, costing you more money on your energy bill.

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If you're wondering about your home insulation, give Comfort Home Improvement a call. They perform free energy audits for homeowners to assess their home's energy efficiency. We use a variety of technical tools to analyze your home's "building envelope", which is the barrier between the inside and outside of your home. The New York State Department of Energy subsidizes these audits, which typically cost $250, making it free if your home earns less that $135,000 annually. Find out if you're throwing money away in your energy bill! Call one of Comfort's local showrooms, stop in, or schedule your FREE Estimate today!

Heating and cooling costs account for around half of a home's energy bill. You could be losing money every day by not knowing if your home is properly insulated! To learn more, visit the weatherization section of our website. You can learn more about insulation, air sealing, and Comfort Home Improvement FREE no strings attached energy audits.