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The Basics of Bathroom Renovation

best bathroom remodel
It’s time for a remodel! Whether you’re looking to rocket the functionality or aesthetics, there are basic things that every renovation needs to factor in. The typical bathroom remodel averages $9,258. Classy remodel or functional update, it’s important to make every dollar count and to get the biggest bang for your buck. So whether you’re looking for quality granite or mock-marble acrylic, consider these bathroom basics.


If your toilet is in good shape and you’re pleased with its appearance, then you can save yourself the costs of buying and installing a replacement. However, if your remodel requires the toilet to be taken out of the floor, then your best bet is to get a new one. Because toilet sealing hardens over time, pulling it out will often cause the tank to separate from the bowl. Plumbers can address this with a rebuild, but the same check you’ll write for repairs could be written for a new toilet. You’re already spending the money, so why not get something new with updated aesthetics and efficiency?


A new floor can up the appeal and style of your bathroom, but it’s not always necessary. New flooring averages $3,000 and that’s just for installation. If you’re happy with your bathroom floor, then regrouting tile or refinishing hardwood may offer precisely the class and durability your bathroom needs. However, if you have damage and no matching spares around, a brand new floor will be the easiest way to go.


Faucets play a huge role in bathroom look and performance, so it’s no surprise that replacement is almost always your best bet. Updated fixtures offer class, beauty, and strength that pose advantages to any bathroom. It is possible to update your existing sink by reglazing it, but the costs of refinishing your existing one can get you a brand new one. Unless you’re dealing with an antique, you’re better off picking out something new.

Tubs & Showers

It’s always an option to reglaze your bathroom tub, but if you’re going to replace other bathroom fixtures then a new tub will give your remodel the greatest value. Updated bathing options can get creative and costly with glass and tile showers and freestanding baths, but at the least it’s worth considering low barrier showers and walk-in tubs. These designs came about to better accommodate aging and mobility, but they also offer functionality and quality to people of all ages. Benches and folding seats can serve as shelves for bathroom products just as well as seats. Grab bars also make a wonderful addition that can help prevent soapy slips, and there are even dual-purpose bars available that double as towel racks and shelves or camouflage into faucet controls. Seniors may have the most to benefit from such fixtures, but these accommodations come in handy with children, sick days, and injuries. Their versatility and safety features will also benefit the value of your home, so they’re especially worth the investment.

best bathroom remodelFinishing Touches

Every bathroom will benefit from improved lighting. A boost in natural lighting accompanied by efficient and decorative light fixtures will give that bathroom great visual appeal. Another standards fix is to install a freestanding mirror in place of that bulky medicine cabinets or frameless mirror. And if you’re really looking to glamorize that bathroom, then you can add luxurious appeal with radiant flooring, skylights, humidity sensors, and heated mirrors and towel racks. Such touches will add dollar signs to remodel costs, but they offer a luxury and simplicity that may make the bathroom your favorite room in the whole house.

Special Considerations

DIY projects are all the rage, but the a bathroom remodel is a huge undertaking. The renovation process needs to follow a specific sequence to properly remove and install fixtures and avoid headaches and damages. Measurements are also critical to renovation because an improper fit will cost you time, money, and hassle. Most important though, is to evaluate the integrity of the bathroom. Water damage is all too common in bathrooms, and it can lead to mold, compromised plumbing, and damaged floor framing. Address issues like these and ventilation now, and you’ll save yourself the pains of even more problematic and costly repairs. And while it’s possible to do it on your own, this is where it really pays to hire a contractor. They have skills, tools, and knowledge that will save you time and money from delays, common mistakes, and accidental damages. You may be equipped to pull off some things, but get a contractor involved at some point to ensure your investment is giving your bathroom the value and life you’re aiming for. They can get their hands dirty with the technicalities while you handle installing the fun and practical bathroom hacks.