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NY's Best Replacement Windows

Manufactured in Central New York, Comfort windows are handcrafted for a lifetime of worry-free operation and beauty. They are built by New Yorkers for New Yorkers, crafted with energy efficiency in mind, and designed to withstand the harsh seasonal conditions and huge temperature swings of Upstate New York.

Comfort Windows has been providing high-quality, locally made replacement windows to homeowners and businesses in Upstate New York for over three decades. Call us today to see why we are Upstate New York’s home improvement experts.

Windows to match any need, starting as low as $279

Assembly Line Vinyl Windows

SolarTek Windows

Manufactured for Comfort on an assembly line, these windows are a step above builder-grade windows and will allow you to fix that broken window or update your homes aesthetic on a budget.

Perfect for folks on a tight budget, for rental properties or a home going on the market.
Handcrafted Vinyl Window

Comfort Windows

Handcrafted by our own Comfort employees at our manufacturing facility in Syracuse. They are designed for New York's 100 degree temperature swings. Choose from several product lines including: Premier, Premier Plus and Signature Advantage; depending on the features that are important to you. The Comfort Signature Advantage is Upstate NY’s premier vinyl replacement window.

Perfect for folks with a variety of budgets and needs; it’s the Swiss Army knife of windows.
Pre-Finished Wood Windows

Aeris Windows

Pre-finished wood/vinyl windows with just the right combination of quality and style. Manufactured for Comfort and available in a number of wood finishes that easily match your home's existing wood interior. These windows feature a vinyl exterior that will minimize maintenance and eliminate rot and a wood interior to match your homes aesthetic.

Perfect for folks looking to retain a rustic wood look in their home's interior.
Manufactured by Comfort Material Color & Woodgrain Finishes Price Range Energy Star Rated
SOLARTEK No Vinyl White or Beige $ No
Premier, Premier Plus, Signature Advantage
Yes Vinyl Many Choices $$ to $$$ Yes
AERIS No Wood Interior / Vinyl Exterior Many Choices $$$ to $$$$ Yes
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Why Vinyl Windows?

There are dozens of choices to make when selecting replacement windows for your home, some are aesthetic others are related to the construction of the window and may effect energy efficiency...

Comfort Garden Bay Window with Diamond Grids
Time Lapse Video
Comfort Oriel Windows
Windows 101
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Important Differences Between Dual and Triple Pane Windows

Before proceeding with a window replacement project, there are a few important facts to know about the glass. Learning about dual and triple panes will help you choose materials wisely.


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Replacement Window Installation Before & After
Comfort Double Hung Windows
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Learn the Lingo: Energy Star Ratings for Windows & Doors

Learning how to read the Energy Star label and understanding the NFRC ratings can go a long in helping you choose the best products for your home.


Replacement Windows

Why Should I Replace My Windows?

As your home ages, your windows will eventually need to be replaced. Sometimes this is because they’ve been worn out aesthetically, chipped, deteriorated, or gone out of style. Other times it’s because they aren’t doing their job anymore. They have become difficult to open or close, or they let outside air in. Installing new windows can improve the insulation of your home, resulting in reduced energy consumption, lower heating and cooling costs, and improved comfort. New windows are easier to clean and maintain, they help increase the lifespan of furniture and art, and may improve home security.

When Should I Replace My Windows?

If your home is older than 15 years, your windows may soon need to be replaced. Telltale signs of ineffective or damaged windows include mildew on the inside of the window, condensation or fogging on or between the glass panes, difficulty opening or closing windows, and increased noise from outside reaching inside the home. The experts at Comfort Windows can help you determine if your windows need to be replaced.

Why Should I Use Comfort Windows?

Comfort Windows has been serving Upstate New York for over three decades. We provide customers with the highest quality windows, all of which are made locally in our Liverpool, NY factory. Our ENERGY STAR® certified windows will save you money on heating and cooling, and each product comes with a strong warranty. Our installation experts are highly trained Comfort Windows employees who strive to provide superior customer service to keep every client satisfied. We have won numerous awards for our service, including the Better Business Bureau’s Torch Award for superior customer satisfaction, which we’ve won four times in the last ten years, and multiple Angie’s List Super Service Award. We offer flexible payment options on all our products.

Find out why over 70k Upstate NY homeowners trust Comfort Windows

Installation is the Difference

Comfort Windows in Upstate NY has the window installation specialists you can depend on. What sets us apart? Decades of dedication to our craft.

At Comfort Windows, our window installers have a sense of purpose and ethics. Just ask the Better Business Bureau, which has awarded us the BBB Torch Award for Excellence in Market Place Ethics four times in the past 10 years. Comfort Windows is even ranked as the 28th best overall home improvement company in the United States. In Upstate NY, Comfort Windows is #1.

While awards sound nice, the practices underpinning our daily operations are what make our company what it is. Comfort Manufacturing makes our windows locally, right here in Liverpool, NY. We then deliver them to our locations in Syracuse, Rochester, Albany, and Buffalo. When you order your windows, our Comfort Windows professionals will come to your home with our “workshop on wheels” — a 16-foot, custom-fit truck with only the finest installation machinery. As we complete your new window installation, there are a few facts to keep in mind:

  • We never use subcontractors. We don’t contract any of our work out. Everyone working on your window installation is a Comfort Windows professional.
  • Our windows are always made locally.
  • We’ll be at your home every day with the same Comfort Windows crew. The professionals you meet on day one will be with you throughout the process and remain with you until the work is complete.

Retrofit Install

We will remove the existing window sashes and install the new window into the existing mainframe. The new glass sizes will be slightly smaller than the original and the window exterior will be wrapped with aluminum trim.

Rough Opening Install

We will remove the entire window and the mainframe. We will rebuild the opening with new interior trim, extension jambs, and exterior wood trim. We will install the new window into the rebuilt opening. The window exterior is then wrapped and aluminum trim.

Are All Comfort Windows Energy Efficient?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Energy (DOE) have created a series of guidelines to establish a minimally desired energy efficiency standard across a host of consumer products. Products that meet those guidelines have been designed to save you money and protect our climate through superior energy efficiency.

At Comfort, all of our windows go above and beyond the guidelines established by the ENERGY STAR program. That's because we know how important energy efficiency is to you as a homeowner. It's equally important for Comfort — as an industry leader — to deliver you a window that not only meets the standard of the present but also sets the standard for the future.

While the physics and engineering of a window are integral to its energy efficiency, equally important is the integrity of the installation. Even the most energy-efficient window won't work properly if it is installed poorly, and that is why Comfort Windows continues to employ its own expert installation staff instead of using subcontractors.

For more information about the ENERGY STAR program or to learn about energy-saving tips for your home, visit the ENERGY STAR website. For more information about our windows or installation services, contact our team or visit a Comfort Windows showroom in person in Syracuse, Rochester, Albany, or Buffalo, NY.

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