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Siding Experts In Upstate NY

Give your home’s exterior a stunning makeover with durable, affordable vinyl or stone veneer siding. Not only will new siding make your home more beautiful, it’s also a great investment that pays you back in increased home value.

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Why Choose Comfort Windows for Your Siding Installation?

  • Our siding is beautiful and affordable. Today’s vinyl and stone veneer options really do mimic the look of real wood and real stone but at a more comfortable price point. We know you’ll love the way your new siding looks ‐ and you’ll appreciate the smaller impact on your budget.
  • We offer options that complement a wide range of architectural styles. Besides our traditional vinyl and stone siding, we also carry elegant vinyl shakes, shingles, and scallops that work well for historic homes or as character accents on a variety of home styles.
  • We go the extra mile when we install siding. When we remove your old siding, soffits, and fascia, we often find areas of rotting wood underneath — and unlike many contractors you might hire, we’ll replace it to ensure the integrity of the installation. We also install ventilation baffles whenever needed to maximize airflow and prevent ice dams, which is very important in our New York climate.
  • We offer a warranty over and above the manufacturer’s product warranty. We can do that because we install all our siding ourselves — no subcontractors, ever — and we do it the right way. We guarantee our work because we’re confident that the results will be spectacular and long-lasting.
  • We can find you the right financing for your siding project.
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Five Signs You Need to Replace Your Siding

Wondering if your old siding still has a few good years left? Here are five ways to tell it’s time to take the plunge and install new siding.

Compare Siding Types

Vinyl Siding by Comfort Home Improvement

Vinyl Siding

Our vinyl siding is beautiful and low-maintenance — it will never need painting and it won’t warp, peel or rot. We use siding panels up to 25 feet long to eliminate seams, giving your siding the look and feel of genuine wood. Our insulated structural vinyl siding offers greater energy efficiency, less penetration of exterior noise, and resistance to mold, mildew and insects.

  • Affordable & Low Maintenance: Since vinyl siding never splits, peels, or rots, there is a major cost and maintenance reduction when choosing this option. Another benefit that vinyl siding offers is that it doesn't require regular staining or painting since the color is manufactured into the main paneling. For affordable, low-maintenance siding, vinyl is an obvious choice.
  • Variety of Options: Vinyl siding comes in many different colors and styles and is an excellent way to enhance the appearance of your home. Its ease of installation, low maintenance, and appealing look make it a popular choice among homeowners. It offers both the look and feel of genuine wood, and you will never need to scrape, paint, caulk, or stain the exterior of your home.
  • Virtually Seamless: Comfort’s unique Virtually Seamless Siding option uses siding panels up to 25 feet in length to nearly eliminate the visible seams on your home that usually occur from a vinyl siding installation.
  • Strong & Efficient: Your home will be safeguarded against denting while insulated against even the hottest days and coolest nights. Insulated structural siding is resistant to mold, mildew, and insects and reduces exterior noise penetration.
Comfort Vinyl Siding Vinyl Siding on House in Fall Vinyl Siding on White House Vinyl Siding on Bright House Comfort Vinyl Siding Vinyl Siding on a Ranch Home Comfort Vinyl Siding Comfort Vinyl Siding Vinyl Siding on a White House Comfort Vinyl Siding Comfort Vinyl Siding Comfort Vinyl Siding
Style Options
Comfort Vinyl Siding Profiles Profiles
Comfort Vinyl Siding Backerboard Backerboard
Comfort Vinyl Siding Insulation Fullback Insulation
Stone Panel Siding by Comfort Home Improvement

Stone Veneer

Stone veneer siding, also called manufactured stone or stone panel siding, can give your home a high-end look that’s hard to duplicate with any other material. Best of all, compared to real solid stone, stone veneer siding is lightweight, budget-friendly and low-maintenance — you’ll never need to coat or seal it.

  • Beautiful & Unique: Stone panel is engineered in dozens of complex patterns so you never have to worry about repetition in the paneling. Comfort also offers a full line of window trim and accessories to perfectly compliment your project. With two styles and three colors to choose from, stone is the perfect enhancement to beautify your home and let it stand out from the crowd.
  • Practical & Strong: Comfort's stone panel offers the look of stone masonry work without the time, hassle and expense. Stone panels are cement based and molded so they are capable of handling Upstate NY's weather just like real stone. There's no need paint, coat, or seal your stone paneling, and because it's lightweight compared to traditional stone, it's more cost-effective for home remodeling.
Comfort Stone Panel Siding Comfort Stone Panel Siding Comfort Stone Panel Siding Comfort Stone Panel Siding Comfort Stone Panel Siding Comfort Stone Panel Siding
Before & After Stone Panel Siding by Comfort Windows
Vinyl Scallop Siding

Architectural Siding

If you’re looking for something unique and full of character, we carry three types of architectural vinyl siding: shakes, scallops and shingles. Vinyl shakes look like real hand-split cedar, vinyl scallops make an attractive accent for a Victorian or cottage home, and vinyl shingles are the centerpiece of a classic Cape Cod look.

Comfort Shake Siding

Shake siding, made to provide the luxurious beauty of traditional wood siding, has the natural look and beauty of hand split cedar.

Comfort Scallop Siding

Scallop siding will bring your home back to the Victorian era with its Queen Anne look. Durable yet attractive, architectural siding adds interest to windows, doors, corners and other memorable areas.

Comfort Shingle Siding

Shingle siding gives your home a cape cod or seaside look similar to the shingled homes that lined the streets of 19th century Boston, without the required maintenance.

Comfort Architectural Vinyl Shake Siding Comfort Architectural Vinyl Shake Siding Comfort Architectural Vinyl Scallop Siding Comfort Architectural Vinyl Scallop Siding Comfort Architectural Vinyl Shingle Siding Comfort Architectural Vinyl Shingle Siding

Try Our Siding On for Size

Use our virtual siding designer tool — you can upload a photo of your home to get a sneak peek at how all our products will look.

“Kudos to the crew who just finsihed my siding and doors install. The crew battled some really brutally cold weather these last two weeks to get it done... My home is beautiful now and I love it!

—Donna, Liverpool

“I felt that [the crew] was doing my work as well as he would working on his own home and that is rare in contracting.”

—Diane, Syracuse

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What Makes Comfort Different?

Comfort's siding contractors take several important steps that the average contractor does not when installing siding, soffit, and fascia. Rotten wood is often found behind the soffit in the eaves of older homes as the result of dripping water from the wood. Comfort Windows will completely remove and replace the wood to avoid further decay and eliminate the chance of mold growth.

If necessary, ventilation baffles are then placed between the attic insulation and the soffit (diagram 1) allowing for proper airflow in your home. This is especially important in the northeast, as one of the main causes of ice dams over the winter months is improper ventilation (diagram 2).

These steps are integral to the long-term health of your home, and when properly done, they can save you many unnecessary headaches.

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Comfort Siding Installation Difference Comfort Siding Installation Difference

Learn more about the types of vinyl siding we offer or watch the installation process from start to finish. Contact Comfort Windows at any of our locations in Syracuse, Rochester, Albany, or Buffalo, NY for more information about our expert siding.

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