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Best Replacement Windows in NY

Our replacement windows are beautiful, easy to operate, and energy-efficient — we’ve designed them to give you a lifetime of enjoyment.

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Why Choose Comfort Windows

Replacement windows are a significant investment, and one with the potential to pay you back in increased comfort, energy savings, and home value. So it’s critical to choose a high-quality product from a company with a stellar track record of customer service.

Here’s why Comfort Windows fits that bill:

  • We manufacture our signature window line ourselves right here in Upstate New York, and we’ve been doing that for more than 40 years. We’ve built our entire home improvement business around our windows — and we’re very proud of that.
  • We make our windows with the unpredictable climate of New York state in mind. All our locally made custom replacement windows exceed ENERGY STAR® standards for efficiency, saving you money on your utility bills and providing maximum protection against the elements. We also use flexible Health Smart foam spacers instead of metal spacers in all our windows to save energy and prevent condensation.
  • Only trained Comfort Windows staff will install your windows — no subcontractors, ever. We can’t emphasize this enough: proper installation is vital to getting the energy savings and comfort benefits you expect out of custom replacement windows. Your new windows will be installed by experienced pros who know how to get the job done right.
  • We warrant all our installations and offer customer-friendly financing options.
  • We’ve won a long list of awards for our work, including the Better Business Bureau’s Torch Award for superior customer satisfaction, which we’ve won four times in the last ten years.
  • Our Lead Safe Work Practices help to protect you and your family from lead dust during renovations
  • You can visit our friendly staff to help you at a local Comfort Windows showroom in Syracuse, Rochester, Albany, or Buffalo
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“Over the course of a year and a half, we have had all of the windows in our home replaced by Comfort... Each of the three times that we had windows installed, the crew was on time, knowledgeable, clean, and courteous. The windows look beautiful, have cut down on noise from outside of the home, and are a major improvement over our old windows.

—Ed, Baldwinsville

Comfort was the best decision I have made when it came to renovating my house. The service that they gave was top notch. The technicians that installed were knowledgeable and informative when I had questions. They were the utmost professionals and installed the windows quickly without any disturbance to the interior of the house. The windows were top quality and their warranty is unrivaled. I plan on having them do other renovations to my house.”

—Anthony, Rochester

“I had multiple companies come in and give me their "pitch"... After all was said and done, Comfort made me feel like I was getting the best windows. The process was easy and non-pushy. I never once felt like I was being sold something, rather working together to accomplish what my wife and I wanted. In the end, the service and craftsmanship [were] second to none and we are extremely excited about our new windows and the way it makes our house look like a home.”

—Derek, Buffalo

“We love our Comfort Windows!! Every aspect, from the salesman to the installers, was a great experience! Each of the team members was super friendly, engaging, and very knowledgeable... We have other windows to replace and have already decided that when we are ready, we WILL be calling Comfort!! ”

—Frances, Rochester

“I love my new Comfort Windows they are the best. The employees that installed my windows were professional and they did an "OUTSTANDING JOB" I highly recommend Comfort Windows to install your new windows. A 5 Star Company.”

—Steven, Lockport

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We have a window solution for every budget!

Handcrafted Vinyl Window

Comfort Windows

Our flagship vinyl window product is our most versatile and popular vinyl replacement window, perfect for a wide range of budgets and design needs. Handcrafted by our own Comfort employees at our manufacturing facility in Syracuse, Comfort Windows are designed to be comfortable and efficient even in the wildest of New York's weather swings.

You can choose from double pane window glass, triple pane window glass or Comfort's QuadShield™ window glass system, which resists shattering and maximizes security. It also blocks more than 99% of UV rays, protecting your furniture and hardwood floors from fading.

We also offer two other types of windows for your specific needs:

Assembly Line Vinyl Windows

Energy Thermal Star (ETS) Windows

Make a bold statement with elegant Energy Thermal Star (ETS) Windows manufactured exclusively for Comfort Windows by AMI. The combination of an extremely simple-to-use design with a stylish, contemporary look makes ETS the right choice for homeowners who pay attention to the smallest details and expect perfection every single time.

As an added benefit, ETS Windows will stand the test of time and all weather conditions. Energy Thermal Star (ETS) Windows give you peace of mind as they have surpassed rigorous independent testing* for resistance to air infiltration, water infiltration (equivalent to eight inches of rain an hour) and tested in wind speed simulations where they maintained their structural strength and integrity in winds over 155 mph, the same wind speed reserved for Category 5 hurricanes by the National Weather Service.

With ETS Windows, you can rest assured you will not only get a professional grade product, but you will also get a professional-grade installation backed by a company that’s built a reputation on exceptional customer service for 40 years.

*American Society for Testing and Materials, ASTM E 283, ASTM E 547, ASTM E 330.

Pre-Finished Wood Windows

Aeris Windows

If you’re looking for wood replacement windows to match your home’s interior, our wood windows are some of the most beautiful on the market. Manufactured for Comfort and available in many different finishes, these stylish wood windows feature a wood interior and a vinyl exterior to minimize maintenance and eliminate rot.

Our Windows Manufactured by Comfort Material Color & Woodgrain Finishes Price Range Energy Star® Certified Spacer Type
ETS No Vinyl Limited $ to $$ Yes Metal
COMFORT WINDOWS Yes Vinyl Many Choices $$ to $$$ Yes Super Spacer
AERIS No Wood Interior / Vinyl Exterior Many Choices $$$ to $$$$ Yes Super Spacer
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Find the Right Replacement Window Type

Father And Son Cleaning Windows

Double Hung Windows

The most popular window type by far, double hung windows are affordable and stylish. Both the top and bottom sashes are movable and tilt inward for easy cleaning.

Double hung windows allow for plenty of ventilation and are a cost effective window option. Double hung windows are also the most versatile window, and with the exception of installation over a kitchen countertop (where it's difficult to reach the window to open it), can be used in almost any situation.

Double Hung Windows Types
Double Hung Window GIF
Double Windows In Dining Room - Comfort Windows Comfort Double Hung Windows Replacement Windows With Red Shutters - Comfort Windows Outdoor View Of New Window Installation - Comfort Windows Woman Easily Cleaning Double Windows - Comfort Windows Replacement Windows In Dining Room - Comfort Windows Three-Panel Window Installation - Comfort Windows Remodeling Company, Window Frame Close-Up - Comfort Windows
Outdoor View Of Slider Windows

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows, also known as slider windows, operate on brass rollers and glide seamlessly left or right to open and close.

Sliding windows are easy to clean as the operating window sashes can be easily removed from the frame. Sliding windows can be manufactured in larger sizes than double hung windows making them common in living rooms.

Slider Windows Types
Sliding Window GIF
Photo Of Slider Windows With Blue Shutters - Comfort Windows Close-Up Photo Of Replacement Slider Windows - Comfort Windows Professional Slider Window Installation - Comfort Windows Remodeling Company, Slider Windows With Gray Shutters - Comfort Windows Three-Panel Window Slider Installation - Comfort Windows Installing Screens With Replacement Windows - Comfort Windows New Slider Windows And Glass Door - Comfort Windows
Outdoor View Of Casement Windows

Casement Windows

Casement windows hinge on one side and open either to the right or to the left by operating a hand crank.

A casement window is a great option over kitchen counters as the crank-out lever allows for easy opening (where it may be difficult to reach). Casement windows — along with awning windows — are the tightest sealing windows, making them popular on waterfront properties and other windy locations.

Casement Windows Types
Casement Window GIF
3-Lite Casement Windows on White House 2-Lite Casement Windows Comfort Casement Windows Comfort Casement Windows Casement Windows On Brick House Energy Efficient Casement Windows Comfort Casement Windows Comfort Casement Windows
Quality Window Installation - Comfort Windows

Awning Windows

Awning windows hinge at the top and open out at the bottom, offering ventilation and visibility without allowing rain inside.

Awning windows are a great option over kitchen counters as the crank-out lever allows for easy opening (where it may be difficult to reach). Awning windows are unique in that the vinyl frame is entirely on the perimeter of the window allowing for a large unobstructed viewing area. Awning windows — along with casement windows — are the tightest sealing windows making them popular on waterfront properties and other windy locations.

Awning Window GIF
Windows And Gutters - Comfort Windows Comfort Awning Windows Versatile Windows - Comfort Windows Windows And Siding - Comfort Windows Comfort Awning Windows Comfort Awning Windows
Hopper Window Interior View

Hopper Window

Most commonly found in basements, hopper windows hinge at the bottom and open at the top (the opposite of an awning window).

The opening angle allows for hopper windows to be left open for long periods without concerns about rain. Opaque glass options are available for enhanced privacy.

Hopper Window Before & After Exterior
Hopper Window GIF
Comfort Hopper Windows Comfort Hopper Windows Comfort Hopper Windows Comfort Hopper Windows
Professional Window Installation Project

Garden, Bay & Bow Windows

A perfect choice for enhancing views and allowing natural light into the home. These projection windows offer gorgeous profiles that are not flush with the wall but instead project out from wall to make the room feel bigger.

  • Bay windows have a New England feel and are composed of three sections set at 45-degree angles. Bay Windows feature a large picture window in the center flanked by two operating windows and commonly feature a wooden shelf or seat. Bay windows are often found in the living room however they have more size limitations than a bow window.
  • Bow windows have three to six sections joined at shallower angles to create the look of a continuous curve and usually feature a wooden shelf or seat. Bow windows can be made in sizes up to 12-feet in length. They are most often used as the main curbside window in a living room.
  • Garden windows are a variety of the bay window that is composed of three sections set at 90-degree angles. They feature glass on the top and sides, a wood shelf, and a glass shelf. Garden windows allow for a little extra natural light as well as the opportunity to place flowers, herbs or nick-knacks on the shelving. They are most commonly found in the kitchen.

Bay and Bow Windows Types
Bow Window GIF
Bay Windows With Burgundy Shutters Gutters, Siding, And Replacement Windows 5-Lite Bow Windows Replacement Windows And Deck Add-ons - Comfort Windows Comfort Bay Windows Comfort Bow Windows Comfort Bow Windows Comfort Bow Windows Comfort Box Bay Windows Comfort Box Bay Windows Comfort Garden Windows Replacement Windows - Comfort Windows
Single Hung Windows

Single Hung Window

Single hung windows have the same appearance as double hung windows but a slightly different construction.

With a single hung window the bottom sash moves up and down like a double hung window but the top sash remains stationary. Single hung windows are ideal for garages, barns, sheds and other non-heated areas.

Single Hung Window GIF
Custom Made Replacement Picture Windows

Picture Window

Picture windows do not open or operate and are simply glass in a window frame.

Picture windows can be standalone windows or can be inserted as the middle window between other operating windows, to create one large window unit, such as in a double hung window-picture window-double hung window configuration.

Basement Egress Window by Comfort Windows

Egress Window

An egress window is a window that meets building safety code in a finished basement. Egress windows create a second exit route from a basement in the event of a fire.

» Learn more about egress windows
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Why Vinyl Windows?

There are dozens of choices to make when selecting replacement windows for your home, some are aesthetic others are related to the construction of the window and may effect energy efficiency...

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Important Differences Between Dual and Triple Pane Windows

Before proceeding with a window replacement project, there are a few important facts to know about the glass.

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Energy Star Ratings

Learning how to read the Energy Star label and understanding the NFRC ratings can go a long in helping you choose the best products for your home.


Style Options

Comfort Windows Grid Patterns

Grid Patterns

Comfort Windows Grid Profiles

Grid Profiles

Comfort Windows V-Groove Etched Glass

V-Groove Etched Glass

Comfort Windows Vinyl Colors

Vinyl Colors

Comfort Windows Specialty Windows

Specialty Windows

Installation is the Difference

Retrofit Install

We will remove the existing window sashes and install the new window into the existing mainframe. The new glass sizes will be slightly smaller than the original and the window exterior will be wrapped with aluminum trim.

Rough Opening Install

We will remove the entire window and the mainframe. We will rebuild the opening with new interior trim, extension jambs, and exterior wood trim. We will install the new window into the rebuilt opening. The window exterior is then wrapped and aluminum trim.

How much will my windows cost?

We understand that cost is an important factor in any purchase. At Comfort Windows, we custom manufacture and install windows specifically for your home, so prices vary. Factors that influence the cost of your window include window type, window size, type of glass, interior and exterior finish options and more. That said, we have a variety of options to fit any price point and also offer an Apples to Apples Price Match Guarantee.

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