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Ice Dam Prevention & Removal

Are There Scary Icicles and Water Leaking Into Your House?

It sounds like you're having trouble with ice dams. An ice dam is a build-up of ice along the edge of a roof and in the gutters that prevents snow from properly melting and draining off. Ice dams are the result of snow, on a section of the roof warmer than 32°F, melting then refreezing along the edges colder than 32°F.

During extremely cold weather, your furnace is working harder to keep your indoor environment warm. The heat then leaks into the inadequately insulated and ventilated attic.

The water that leaks into your home is a result of water trapped between the unmelted snow and the ice dam. Without another escape route, the water works its way under the shingles and into the house. From the attic, the water finds its way into the walls or ceiling, down to your windows and/or doors.

Ice dams form when heat escapes through your roof, causing the snow to melt which refreeze into dangerous icicles when the temperature drops again
How Ice Dams Form Infographic
It's dangerous to try to chip away at the icicles hanging from your roof

What Can You Do Once an Ice Dam Has Formed?

Trying to chip away at the ice from the outside is dangerous for both your roof and yourself. Throwing salt on your roof is more harmful to your nearby plants than to the ice. A permanent fix includes proper insulation, air sealing, and ventilation.

You can diminish the ice dam by filling the leg of discarded pair of pantyhose with a calcium chloride ice melter. Lay the hose on the roof across the ice dam but overhanging the gutter. The calcium chloride will eventually melt the snow and ice to create a channel for water to flow down into the gutters or off the roof.

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